Amado Music

A screenshot of a page from Amado Music dot com.

Promotion for a Portfolio-Career Musician/Educator

Amado is a vocalist, composer, and music educator. He needed a website as a central promotional destination where visitors could see his upcoming workshops and public events, as well as his original works and recorded performances. I installed and configured a hosted WordPress website with a broad range of plug-ins to facilitate online course registration and distance learning, plus the display of audio playlists and YouTube videos. I also created the artist’s visual identity, using bold colors to reflect his performance style and a suite of typefaces derived from venetians (for authenticity) in updated (for modernity) and neutral (for professionalism) styles.

Building Community with Improvised Singing

The artist is active in the worldwide circlesinging community, musicians who get people together and improvise layers of looping musical phrases for everyone to sing. As a leader in this community, he communicates with a variety of people, from the general public to the leadership of progressive religious institutions to musicians wishing to learn circlesinging leadership techniques.

Embedded Zoom Meetings for Distance Learning

As an educator, Amado had to adapt to the necessities of distance learning. I implemented WordPress plug-ins for workshop registration, and a Zoom plug-in that embedded a meeting window directly within the website. Both instructor and students had a centralized reference for meeting times and links.

Embedded Audio and Video

The artist was making heavy use of SoundCloud for demos and Creative Commons licensed music, and had a YouTube channel for the display of video recordings of his performances. The artist needed to attractively and effectively showcase work by category (jazz and blues vs. composed chamber works vs. circlesinging) rather than medium (SoundCloud audio vs. YouTube video). Plug-ins to embed SoundCloud audio and YouTube video directly into WordPress provided the flexibility to craft pages focused on specific areas of interest.