Society for Spontaneous Singing

Connecting a Community of Singers

The Society for Spontaneous Singing was a community of improvising vocalists brought together by weekly prompts to inspire short, improvised recordings. Organizers needed to build an contact list of participants, communicate with participants regularly, and connect participants with the social media pages where recordings were posted. I installed and configured a hosted WordPress website with integrated plug-in for Mailchimp email marketing. I also worked with the organizers to create the site’s visual identity, prompted in part by a photograph of an icy landscape.

Standard Features—Answers to What’s Frequently Asked

This page uses simple HTML anchors to help visitors quickly find answers to common questions. Time-tested solutions often work perfectly, depending on client needs.

Weekly Blog Posts for Periodic Content

For this application, WordPress’s default blog functionality was ideal for the kind of periodic communication the site owners shared with participants. A clearly visible Blog Archive widget and Recent Posts widget in the sidebar, along with the ability to easily search for posts by topic area, helped participants find each others’ responses to weekly prompts. This in turn built a community of people building skills and recording improvisations.