Improvisational Vocal Band

VoiceExchange is a 5-member improvisational vocal band that leads community-singing events, performs improvised audience-interactive shows, and delivers services at progressive religious and spiritual institutions. Their initial needs are for a site that communicates this basic information about the group, and links to information about upcoming community-singing events. I helped establish a visual identity for the group, including a simple Marking and Branding Guide that defined logo, color, and typography. I also installed and configured a hosted WordPress website, selecting and configuring plug-ins for desired functionality.

Displaying Meetup Events, PayPal Donation

WordPress plug-in functionality allows events listed on the group’s Meetup account to be displayed on this page, using the visual identity specified in the groups Marking and Branding Guide. The group also accepts PayPal donations through the plug-in displayed on the site’s sidebar. An additional plug-in is ready to be deployed on the release of the group’s album, allowing for songs to be streamed from the website while preventing the visitor from downloading them directly and providing a “buy now” link.